Solidarity with Indigenous Land Defenders

The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC (CCCABC) stands in solidarity with Indigenous Land Defenders as they defend these lands and protect the waters from coast to coast to coast - including the Gidemt'en Checkpoint, Tiny House Warriors, 1492 Land Back Lane, Kanienkehaka Land Back Camp, Mikmaq 1752 frontline, and Protect the Inlet – during, and after, this national week of action: November 23 – 29, 2020.

CCCABC is committed to full implementation of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the recommendations of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Specifically, CCCABC supports Indigenous Peoples in their work to restore their own authorities for their children, families and communities’ futures.

Our goal of a child care system that reflects, respects and honours Indigenous people, Black people and people of colour cannot be achieved without addressing the legacy of colonization and dismantling the systems of privilege and power that exist within our organization and our society. We are committed to upending the status quo by centring decolonization and anti-oppression, including anti-racism, in our advocacy and in our work in and with communities. We have much to learn and do.

#WeAreOne #LandBack #CoastToCoast #DefendTheLand #WildAndFree #BurnDownColonialism